I'm going Full-Time Maker

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The ups, the downs, and everything in between.

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Highlights & Setbacks

This section will provide quick tidbits about what went well and wrong. Encompassing not only my work but personal stories.

Goal setting

I will try to predict and envision what I can achieve in the following 7 days. While you get to see what I ended up doing, and how I got there.

Curated links

I will be recommending my favorite links worthy of your attention that hopefully inspire you, or provide some insight.

25 editions
I'm promising atleast 6 months of quality updates.
166 subs
Every maker has to start somewhere right?
$0 MRR
Starting at the bottom, working my way up to $5K


My pledge to readers

I won't sell your email address to any third parties. I will only use it to send you this newsletter. At the bottom of each newsletter will be a P.O. Box address, my email address, and a way to unsubscribe easily.

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