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Hi there, my name is

Inhwan Kim

I'm a Developer & Designer
based in Northern Virginia, USA

Here's some of my work.

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The flagship public site by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NIH/NLM/NCBI). Serving over 4 million DAU with 30 million + citations for biomedical literature.

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It's all love.

I'm humbled and grateful for the people I've been able to work with in the past. Validation from my peers and clients motivates me to do better.

Testimonial 01
Andrew is a very creative and precise person. We worked together efficiently on a project and the final result was spot on. I am lucky to have met Andrew and his skills with user experience and working with my feedback are great assets that will prove his success in the UX/UI development world in the future.
Testimonial 02
When thinking about product design, Andrew has a unique ability to put himself in the user’s shoes and think about the experience lifecycle. Andrew also takes time understand what his client is looking for. I’m confident Andrew’s easy going personality and dedication to creating beautiful products will win over many more clients in the future.
Mellena Haile - CEO, Telliscope
Testimonial 03
If you want a creative thinker, who utilizes time efficiently and delivers a superb result, that is Andrew. Andrew was always respectful, kind and patient and he knew exactly what needed to be done and how. We want to work with Andrew again in the future as we believe he will contribute so much more to our company.
Samira Sabulis - Co-founder of Tagazu
Testimonial 03
Andrew is a thoughtful and creative person that has a knack for user research. We sponsored a design hackathon and his team and insights helped create a solution that was well designed and took into account the customer experience. He would be an asset to any company.
Tony Ma - CEO of Benetech
Testimonial 03
Andrew is an excellent, productive member of the team. He asks good questions that help to clarify acceptance criteria and ensure that we are delivering the best solution possible. He is our go-to person for design and mockups; he does a great job of researching best practices as well as providing options to help us solve user problems and provide a great experience. He is easy to work with thanks to his positive attitude and communication skills and I am happy to have him on our team!

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