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Andrew Kim - December 24, 2020

Although I grew up playing piano, then violin, and alto saxophone, I never sought out music on my own terms. I do remember in elementary school making a hard turn from Classical to Hip-Hop (50 Cent), and some Korean Ballads (SG Wannabee). It wasn't till around high school when I picked up guitar with my main influences being The Beatles and other pop music.

I had a musical renaissance when I left for New York, getting heavily into folk music (Bob Dylan, Fleet Foxes) and becoming a singer-songwriter. But towards the end of university, I doubled down on hip hop (A Tribe Called Quest, MF Doom, J Dilla), and all the original records that were sampled.

Nowadays its a heavy mix between old (70s) and new producers. When I'm studying I like listening to lyricless beats or Jazz. I tend to like piano (Rhodes) mixed with some solid drum rhythms, and some Portuguese. Can't go wrong with that combo. I broadly enjoy colorful arrangements, and soulful arrangements. But enough talking, take a listen below and be sure to support these artists & DJs!


Stones Throw Records

WorldWide FM - Gilles Peterson

Rappamelo Madlib mixes

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