Andrew Inhwan Kim (1991 - ...)

Digital Design present-day is consumed on-screen and can often be clinical and un-serendipitous, leaving a person passive and disengaged. My goal is to shine light on the tiniest of details that attribute to both the look and feel of an experience online, mobile, or wherever content may live in the future. I believe in a Designer's moral obligation to Alleviate, rather than to Exploit. I believe that if everything had the touch of optimal design, then everyone would operate a little smoother. My guiding sense of purpose is an Eclecticism, that serves as a basis for wide inspiration and deep learning.

My ideal workplace or situation, involves an opportunity to learn, grow in responsibilities handed down to me, to contribute to something bigger than myself, and eventually be recognized for the change I've brought about. I have worked in a wide variety of open and closed environments with diverse teams of wildly ranging sizes. I have experience in film production, journalism, Front End Web-Development, and UX Design. I bring to the table fresh and innovative ideas, and am capable of taking harsh criticism or feedback to sculpt them into fully formed products. I come with the added advantage of having a storytelling frame of mind via synchronous audio visual arrangements. I am always looking to collaborate with like- minded pracitioners of inter-disciplinary work. I am available for design consultation, freelance projects and commissions for new designs and works. Please feel free to contact me!


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